Where to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Home

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Mosaic tiles are a unique way to add a sense of luxury and style to your home. Mosaic tiles are both functional and decorative, adding colour, texture, pattern and interest to any indoor or outdoor space. Mosaics originated in Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age, and were widely used by the Greeks and Romans to decorate religious buildings and villas. The invention of tesserae, originally made from natural stone, and later from ceramic, glass and other materials, allowed for the creation of more intricate patterns and detailed decoration.

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This month, we share some tips on where to use mosaic tiles in your home:

Design an outdoor feature

Although mosaic tiles have traditionally been used in interior design, mosaics can also be used to create a unique outdoor feature for your home. An outdoor feature wall of mosaic tiles will add interest to your outdoor entertaining area, and can draw on the materials and colour scheme of your indoor tiles to create a natural flow from indoors to outdoors. You could also create a garden path of mosaic tiles as an alternative to pavers, or create a mosaic design in the tiles of your swimming pool. Not only will these bold mosaic features create a home which reflects your personal style, but can also add value to your house if you plan to sell.

Add drama to your bathroom

Mosaic feature walls and floors are becoming a common feature in bathrooms, but why stop there? Create a stunning visual effect by continuing the floor tiles up the wall to the ceiling, or tile your bathroom vanity and basin with mosaics to add colour to a neutral colour palette. You can blend matte and gloss finish mosaic tiles to create texture, or add drama to your bathroom with a pictorial mosaic. Popular types of pictorial mosaics include floral patterns, landscape scenes, and quotes worked into a larger design.

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Make a memorable entryway

The entryway gives visitors their first impression of your home. Why not make it memorable with a mosaic floor, just like the Romans did in their stately villas. Using mosaics, you can create intricate patterns, make spaces appear larger, and draw the eye down hallways or to particular design features. If you would like to create a cohesive style but use a different tile in other communal areas, you can also repeat mosaic motifs from the entryway on floors, feature walls and splashbacks to tie different spaces together.

Create atmosphere in living spaces

Mosaics do not just have to be confined to the walls or floors. This type of tile is perfect for creating a warm and personal atmosphere in living spaces. Mosaic tiles can be used to decorate stair treads, fireplace surrounds, wall runners and window frames, adding a point of interest to your living area. Mosaic tiles can also be turned into pieces of art. You can frame a section of mosaic tiles as wall art, or tile benchtops and tabletops with colourful designs. Using mosaic tiles on these comparatively small areas will also give you the freedom to be more imaginative with textures, patterns and bold colours.

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Demarcate zones in open plan living

Mosaics can also be used as a way to demarcate different zones in open plan homes. For example, if your living and dining rooms are one large space, you can turn them into different zones simply by using different tiles in each section, or by using a mosaic pattern to separate the two spaces. If you would prefer to use the same tiles, a subtle change in shade or tile size can also indicate the different zones without drawing too much attention to the boundary itself.

Generate some heat in the kitchen

One final way to use mosaics in your home is in the kitchen. Mosaic tiles come in a range of materials, including natural stone and glass, making them suitable to use in a kitchen splashback exposed to heat and water. If you are using mosaic tiles elsewhere in your home, the kitchen splashback is a good area to repeat the same style, bringing cohesion to your interior design style. However, the splashback is not the only place to use mosaic tiles in your kitchen. You could also transform your kitchen island with mosaic tiles, or create a mosaic feature wall to frame a window or other design feature.

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Where to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Home 5

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