MTM Brookvale Renovation Notice

Our tile showroom is under renovation. Therefore, we temporarily moved to 26 Orchard Rd, Brookvale. We would be greatly appreciated your patience in advance!

Tips for DIY Home Reno

Using Unique Encaustic Tiles In Bathroom Or Kitchen Renovation
If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you probably want to give these rooms a whole new look and feel. A great way to bring elegance and appeal…
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Using Tiles In Your DIY Home Renovation Is Easy, Fun And Inspiring
Working on a home DIY renovation project? There are dozens of aspects that you could be considering to include in your home renovation project. Is tiling one of them? New…
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Subway Tiles, Uses, Versatility And Placements
Subways, a bustling and interactive hub for commuters, came to be one of the first to introduce the line of ‘Subway tiles’ that would ultimately revolutionise the way homeowners would redecorate their…
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