9 Essential DIY Tiling Tools
As one of the largest suppliers of tiles and natural stone in New South Wales, the team at My Tile Market are experts in sourcing the right tiles and equipment…
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Using Unique Encaustic Tiles In Bathroom Or Kitchen Renovation
If youโ€™re planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom, you probably want to give these rooms a whole new look and feel. A great way to bring elegance and appeal…
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Using Tiles In Your DIY Home Renovation Is Easy, Fun And Inspiring
Working on a home DIY renovation project? There are dozens of aspects that you could be considering to include in your home renovation project. Is tiling one of them? New…
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Subway Tiles, Uses, Versatility And Placements
Subways, a bustling and interactive hub for commuters, came to be one of the first to introduce the line of โ€˜Subway tilesโ€™ that would ultimately revolutionise the way homeowners would redecorate their…
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Tile Trends For 2021
Weโ€™ve entered a new decade and the leaders in interior and tile design have already made their predictions about what will be the hottest and most desirable styles of wall…
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Turning Your Bathroom Into A Relaxation Haven
Everyone dreams of having the kind of bathroom youโ€™d happily spend hours in, relaxing and taking a break from life. If youโ€™re considering giving your bathroom a brand-new lease on…
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Creative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home
At My Tile Market, we know tiles! As one of the largest dealers of premium quality tiles in Sydney, our natural stone and tile selection is unmatched across New South…
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Useful Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles
Whether you are renovating your home, beginning a tiling project or constructing your dream house, the friendly team at My Tile Market are here to help. As one of the…
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6 Reasons to Choose Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile which is fired at a higher temperature, creating a more durable, water-resistant and versatile option for Australian homes. As one of the…
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