Creative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home

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Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options for Australian homes, preferred for their variety, durability, and for being low maintenance to clean and maintain. Not only can tiles be a key design feature of your home, they can also increase the value of your property if you decide to sell. So why stop at using them just on your floors?

This month, we show you some creative ways to use tiles in your home:

Feature Wall

bathroom tiles
Creative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home 4

One of the most creative and visually striking ways to use tiles in your home is by creating a feature wall. Tiled feature walls work best in prominent rooms, such as a bathroom, bedroom or living space. Feature walls allow you the freedom of playing with colours, textures and patterns that might not suit as flooring or in other areas of your home. Mosaic tiles are often used in feature walls for their complexity and range of colours, along with natural stone tiles such as marble and intricate patterns like fish scale fan tiles. Make sure that you adjust the decor and furniture of the space to accommodate the tiled feature wall, to prevent the design elements from clashing or becoming too overwhelming.


Splashbacks are also becoming more popular in Australian homes as a creative way to use tiles. Tiled splashbacks can be used in both kitchens and laundries, and are commonly created from tiles durable enough to withstand heat, spills and general wear. Smaller splashbacks behind the stove or sink can create an effective focal point for the room, while larger splashbacks that extend across the wall or around the room will add cohesiveness to the space. Tiled splashbacks are a design feature where you can really experiment with unique tile patterns and shapes, as well as unusual tile materials such as metal or glass.

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Fireplace Surround

If your house has a fireplace, you can easily tie it in with the overall design style of your home using tiles. Tiling your fireplace surround will not only frame the fireplace and make it a stylish statement, but also update the look of the entire room. If it is a working fireplace that you use during winter, make sure that the tiles you pick for the surround are both heat and stain resistant to avoid damage from soot.

Furniture Inlay

Another creative way to use tiles in your home is as an inlay on certain pieces of furniture. You can add tiles to a wide range of home decor to bring colour and interest to a space, including staircase risers, kitchen islands, shelving, coffee tables, bedheads, outdoor planters and vanities. If you have any left over floor or wall tiles from earlier projects, you can easily use these as inlays, or we would suggest investing in mosaic tiles which can fit virtually anywhere in your home. Adding tiles to furniture draws the eye away from the walls and floor, helping you create a unique, handcrafted atmosphere to a room.

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If the entryway and hallways of your home are looking a little bare, then tiles could be the answer. A bold tile pattern on the floor or walls will instantly make your entryway more inviting, interesting and stylish. Patterned or natural stone tiles work well in these spaces, as does creating a tile ‘rug’ within the floor design to welcome visitors into your house. Using an intricate tile design on the floor of a corridor will draw the eye forwards, creating an elegant and streamlined feel to the space, as well as the illusion of more space or length for smaller homes.

Outdoor Living Space

Our final creative way to use tiles in your home is in your outdoor living space or central courtyard. Tiles can be added to your pool surrounds as a feature wall or lining the bottom of the pool itself, where you can choose natural stone to blend with your backyard or create a statement with a bold mosaic pattern. If you have an outdoor kitchen or entertaining area, you can use the same backsplash pattern as the kitchen indoors to create continuity. For internal courtyards, using the same floor tiles as the surrounding spaces will create flow and that sense of indoor-outdoor living which Aussies love. Tiles are ideal to use in outdoor spaces because of their slip resistance, weather resistance and ability to be easily maintained.

bathroom tiles
Creative Ways to Use Tiles in Your Home 5

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