Turning Your Bathroom Into A Relaxation Haven

bathroom tiles

Everyone dreams of having the kind of bathroom you’d happily spend hours in, relaxing and taking a break from life. If you’re considering giving your bathroom a brand-new lease on life with a renovation, you’d surely want to make the very best choices to ensure that your new bathroom is not only aesthetically beautiful but also practically functional. There are lots of new innovations that offer home owners and developers a host of options to create a beautiful space, along with some firm favourite features which you should consider an essential addition to your new bathroom. In this article we’ll cover some bathroom renovation ideas and suggestions to help you dream up and design the perfect bathroom.

bathroom tiles
Turning Your Bathroom Into A Relaxation Haven 5


Typically, bathrooms don’t have a lot of natural light streaming in, so ensuring that your lighting creates sufficient light and the right ambience is important. There are a variety of options available to add light to your bathroom, from basic LED downlight spotlights to more elaborate and flamboyant options such as chandeliers. Always ensure that you have sufficient light around your mirrors to prevent shadows masking visual clarity for those times you need flawless light to apply makeup or get that perfect shave.

One way to light up your bathroom mirrors is placing with LED light strips around the back of the mirror for a striking backlit appeal. Layered lighting is also a popular choice if you’d like to have variations in brightness and ambience, depending on your need or mood. To achieve this, combine standard ceiling lighting with lights around mirrors or over focal points, or add a few wall lights around the room. If you love the ambient effect of candles, you’d be happy to know that artificial candles with LED lights are now available and look just as great as the real thing, without all the mess of waxy residue.


Modern toilets now no longer have visible tanks that have always been fairly unsightly. The tanks are now installed inside the wall, saving you space while giving your bathroom a modern look and feel. In addition to this, new low-flow toilets are designed to save you on water costs as it uses less water to flush than older design models.


If you’re having a shower installed, ensuring that you have proper light and airflow by installing a window by your shower will make a world’s difference and save you a lot of hassle and cleaning trouble down the line. Dark showers collect mould more easily and encourage growth of fungi, while lack of air circulation is also a big problem, unless you have a good air ventilation solution. Even if you have an extractor fan installed, having a window to provide fresh air flow and extra light is a smart move.


Slipping in the shower is a very real and dangerous possibility, which is why you need to ensure that the flooring you decide on must have sufficient grip. Installing smaller tiles on your shower floor will keep you safe, as the grout between the tiles will supply ample grip. Modern grout formulas are designed to repel mould and stains as well, which is great news when it comes to maintaining a clean and hygienic shower.

Let your flooring and tiled splashbacks add to your overall design look by installing subway marble tiles and layering them in a herringbone pattern – in a rectangular fashion. To get that sleek industrial look use long, plank-like timber-looking tiles.


The era of bulky medicine cabinets and storage areas which aren’t designed to add to the overall appeal of an interior design is long gone. Today, planning your renovated space with the inclusion of recesses or hidden storage areas inside your walls will create a far more fluid, sophisticated look. Cover your medicine cabinet area with a well-lit mirror that will be flush against the wall, leaving no indication of its presence. Also consider installing a small niche in your shower for your shampoos, conditioner and other toiletries used – this will eliminate trouble with finding a place to put them or needing to hang a toiletries rack later on, which may well disrupt the clean and stylish design you’re aiming for.


Old favourites like heated towel rails are always a great investment, especially for that much-loved warm embrace of a toasty towel in winter. Installing an extractor fan will keep your bathroom dry and free from fog once you’re done with your bath or shower, which will also prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that thrive in damp conditions. Make use of hooks behind doors, against walls and between mirrors so that you’ll never run out of place to hang items and consider adding art in the form of paintings or decorative accessories to complement your overall design style. 

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