Tile Trends For 2021

bathroom tiles

We’ve entered a new decade and the leaders in interior and tile design have already made their predictions about what will be the hottest and most desirable styles of wall and floor tiles to look out for this year. We’ve rounded up a selection of the biggest trendsetters for the season to inspire and help you decide on how to create − or recreate − your living space this year.

Raw Stone Emulations

With the advances in tile design innovation, manufacturers are able to create tiles that perfectly simulate the actual type of precious and raw stones, which are far harder and more expensive to come by. Keep an eye out for tiles with dramatic aesthetics or incredible iridescence, including replicas of precious stones.

Bas Relief

This style is reminiscent of the historically acclaimed anaglypta style of wallpaper with its intricately ornate three-dimensional designs. The 2020 rendition introduces a wall tile that reflects this ageless style with monochromatic colour schemes to bring a sophisticated yet neutral and adaptable aesthetic to living spaces. Opulent design meets versatility for any room where you’d like to change up your colour scheme with accessories and décor, promising to be perfectly on par with the standard you set for your design aesthetic.

Natural Materials

bathroom tiles
Moonstone – concrete look

Anything from wood to stone, marble or concrete will feature heavily this year, bringing more nature-inspired texture and colours into the mix. Various shades of grey add monochromatic sophistication and freedom to vary other interior colour schemes fluidly, while lighter marble style tiles are perfect for creating open, bright and clean spaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

bathroom tiles
Silkstone – Timeless and rich look, feel of precious natural stone

Hexagon Shapes

bathroom tiles
Lustre hexagon – photo by ingconstruction with Hexagon tile Lustre @mytilemarket

A rising trend, hexagon-shaped tiles offer a striking presentation and with various colours, patterns and textures to choose from, you’ll be able to create a feature wall or eye-catching area with ease. Interesting and unusual combinations of tile shapes and colour schemes are also gaining popularity, with ideas such as combining marble or stone tiles with wood-simulated tiles to create contrast and draw attention.

Dark Opulence

bathroom tiles
Meltin and Eternita

Black and charcoal bathrooms or rooms have become a desirable and modern design style, with a surprising amount of versatility in how you can style your living space. Combine different textures to create an indulgent mood and round off with complementary detailing in shades such as rose gold or even a bold and bright colour to contrast the black.

Metallic Twists

A very new concept, tiles are now appearing in a range of metallic shades. While this is likely to only be a short-lived trend over the next few years, introducing metallic tiles interspersed between more neutral shades and textures can be just the eye-catching detail you’ve been looking for.

Fabric Patterns


Inspired by linen, cotton, silk and other materials, these tiles perfectly simulate the look of cloth but with all the durability of tiles. While not for everyone, these tiles can create a very comfortable and plush feel when correctly implemented. Cotton-style, for example, creates a warm impression, while the silk-style tiles present an impression of opulence similar to what marble tiles create.

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