Subway Tiles, Uses, Versatility And Placements

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Subways, a bustling and interactive hub for commuters, came to be one of the first to introduce the line of ‘Subway tiles’ that would ultimately revolutionise the way homeowners would redecorate their place of solitude for years to come.

The extraordinary versatility and economic benefits are one of many to mention when assessing the limitless possibilities of using these tiles. Subway tiles ultimately speak for themselves with their sophisticated looks and long-lasting qualities.

Are There Different Options When It Comes To Subway Tiles?

In short, absolutely. Subway tiles are made with a variety of rectangular tiles that typically measure 75×150 millimetres. With its increasing popularity and demand for a variety of diverse materials, they are now crafted using ceramic, porcelain, gloss, marble and slate finished off with a matte or gloss finish. With different colours and textures, you shall be able to find the perfect fit for your next project, guaranteed.

Which Finish Would Work Best For My Space?

When redecorating your home, it is important your tiles aesthetically match the other features within your home including your ceilings, furniture and finishing.

For an elegant and timeless style is it’s suggested to make use of a subway tile with a bevelled edge. For a rustic look consider making use of the hand-glazed tiles with a natural edge. For a home which incorporates both elegant styles, as well as a rustic feel, we suggest you make use of subway tiles known as crackle glaze tiles. Incorporating both the smooth edges and rustic cracks, they are seen as the newest trend, tying together your modern-meets-vintage look.

Versatility? How Could I Lay The Tiles To Visually Create Different Styles?

Subway tiles have long been laid in a brick lay, providing you with a clean and classic look, however, there are many ways you are able to arrange subway tiles to enhance your home. By having the tiles set vertically it not only creates a modern edge but has the added bonus of creating the illusion of ceiling height, which in essence makes your home appear to be larger. A stack lay is where your tiles are laid out in straight lines to form a neat grid. This remains a great option for all DIYs who are going for neat and clean lines. There are numerous opportunities to create individualized styles to suit your home by adding different colour and texture variants, thus making the subway tile one of the most versatile tiles on the market.

How Do I Choose The Right Subway Tile For Different Areas In My Home?

When deciding upon a tile to suit a room in your home you ultimately need to choose and envision the style you wish to go for. Will it be modern, eclectic or rustic? Once you have an idea of the feel you are going for it becomes easier to find the perfect tiles.

Kitchens, a place where a house becomes a home is the perfect starting point and a prime example of where subway tiles are able to not only enhance but transform the look of your home. Subway tiles are routinely used as a backsplash on the stove area. Whether you would like to have your splashback as a feature or blending into the colour of your walls is wholly your choice.

Your tile size, as well as grout colour, fulfil a significant role in determining the style of your home. In Europe, there has been an ever-increasing trend of laying large subway tiles which enables you to maintain the symmetry of the home with clean lines. More modern chic homes, however, are making use of the brick lay in a dove grey or off-white colour with dark grout supplying the home with a more industrial look.

The Options Are Unlimited And Designs Are Timeless For Kitchens

Inspiration for your kitchen
Inspiration for your kitchen

Bathrooms, a place where your guests frequent and your mother-in-law comments. Being able to transform a bathroom from small and dark to light and open has never been easier than with subway tiles.

From the walls in your shower to behind your sink, mixing and matching different tiles and textures have shown an increasing popularity. Bathroom floors will determine the way you perceive your bathroom, whether it is seen as over baring (think small mosaic tiles.) or large and clean.

Fireplaces, a place where the family congregates and will spend many evenings together. Not only will this focal point remain a memory of family for years to come but a centrepiece to your living room. Subway tiles become your best friend in livening up your fireplace. Not only are they durable and heat resistant but because of the diverse laying styles, you are able to create the perfect accentuation to any style you have currently running through your home.

Tiles have never been as interchangeable and creative as they are today, allowing you to dream up any style you have always wanted. With different colour groups, you are able to either hide lines or accentuate them.

Looking For Subway Tiles For Your Project?

We have a large selection of heritage-inspired colours and contemporary hues in both the traditional 150 x 75 and 300 x 100 size.

What’s more, a large portion of the collection is hand finished in our local factory, which typically makes it easy to meet short lead times. Browse the collection and enquire today! After a custom colour for a large-scale commercial project? We can help! Tell us about your project and we’ll get in touch within 24 business hours to discuss the possibilities.