10 Tile Trends to Look Out For in 2019

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As 2018 draws to a close, it is time to look forward to the tile trends that will be dominating the world of interior design in 2019. At My Tile Market, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends in tiles and natural stone, with our friendly in-store tile experts ready to help our customers with tiling projects of any size.

From bold colours and geometric patterns to retro 70s style, here are 10 tile trends to look out for in 2019:


The first tile trend that will take over Australian homes in 2019 is geometric tiles. Herringbone and mosaic tiles are set to become popular, along with hexagon-shaped tiles and square grid patterns on walls and floors. Tribal-inspired prints and accessories are also on the way in, which will complement the use of brightly patterned mosaic feature walls and splashbacks.


The timeless elegance of black and white tiles and furnishings will also return in 2019. Black and white offers your home a sense of balance, contrast and contemporary style. Bathrooms in particular can benefit from this style, where you can use vertical subway tiles, large terrazzo tiles or marble to create an effortless sense of sophistication.

bathroom tiles
10 Tile Trends to Look Out For in 2019 6

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This year, industrial, minimalist and Scandinavian style interior design was king. In 2019, get ready for a dramatic shift in mood with the rise of retro style. Curved, organic shapes, bold prints and artwork and 70s style furniture will take over, combining comfort with a quirky, handcrafted aesthetic. Add a touch of retro style to your home with patterned tiles in shades of brown, beige, orange and burnt yellow.


Contrasting and clashing design elements will be another trend to emerge from the rise of retro in 2019. Mixing colours, patterns and textures instantly lends spaces visual interest and summer vibes. You can achieve this eclectic look in several ways, including using mix-n-match handmade tiles as a feature, or large-flecked terrazzo tiles in unexpected colours such as pink and green. Mixing metals such as gold, copper and brass, and accessorising with travel finds or other personal favourites, will also help to create this playful atmosphere.

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One trend that will continue on into 2019 is the use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials in Australian homes. Natural stone, wood, terracotta and textured tiles will continue to underpin home design, with warm, earthy tones and natural fibres already a staple of several popular styles including coastal and Scandinavian. Indoor plant life will also be in demand, creating a fresh ambience and the sense of indoor-outdoor living which Aussies love.


Following on from the turn towards more environmentally friendly materials, design elements inspired by nature will also be celebrated in 2019. Drawing on the Art Deco movement, botanical and floral design elements can be easily incorporated into your home in the form of prints, fittings, luxurious materials such as velvet and marble, and tiles in moody colours such as teal, red and dark green.

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Although industrial style will lessen in popularity in the new year, concrete accents will continue to be used to give a raw, unpolished look to interior finishes. This reflects the movement away from perfection and symmetry to handcrafted, personalised design which will characterise 2019. This look can be achieved with concrete-look tiles, and softened with textured materials and the use of bright colours in furnishings or accessories.

bathroom tiles
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Orange and green are looking to be the trending colours in 2019, ranging from deep shades to light pastel shades. Other colours which will dominate interior design in the new year include millennial pink, coral, teal, yellow and black. Rather than being used on walls, you can add bold colours to your home in more subtle ways, such as through feature tiles, furnishings and accents.

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As mentioned earlier, indoor-outdoor living will continue to be fashionable in Australian homes in 2019. You can easily bring the outdoors into your home by including wooden elements, natural materials, organic shapes and the colour green. Using natural stone floor tiles to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home will also help to create a natural sense of flow.


The final tile trend to look out for in the new year is an increase in the use of pastels. Unlike the pastels of 2018, there will be a focus on neutrals such as mushroom, pale green, yellow and apricot, as well as various shades of orange and pink. This trend will complement the movement towards geometric patterns and retro style in 2019, and can be introduced in various ways into your home from a mosaic tile floor to a terrazzo feature wall, as well as through home accessories.

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