5 Reasons to Install Tile Floors in Your Home

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Tiles are one of the most popular choices for flooring across Australia, and it is easy to see why! Tiles are durable, versatile, easy to maintain and heat-resistant, making them ideally suited to the Aussie climate and our love of indoor-outdoor living. At My Tile Market, our team has over 20 years of experience in the tiling industry, and pride ourselves on supplying an extensive range of premium quality tiles and natural stone. Whether you are building, renovating, or designing the perfect home, our in-store tile experts are always available to help you find the best material, style, and tools for your tiling project.

In our new blog post, we give you 5 reasons why you should install tile floors in your home:

Tiles are durable

The first reason that you should choose tiles for the flooring in your home is that tiles are durable and hard-wearing. Naturally some types of tiles are more durable than others, such as natural stone tiles, but overall once your floor tiles have been professionally sealed they will be resistant to stains, scratches, liquids, heat and other minor damage. This durability makes tiles suitable to use as flooring in a variety of areas in the home, including bathrooms, outdoors, pool surrounds, garages, bedrooms and high traffic areas such as kitchens and living areas.

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Tiles come in a range of styles

Tiles come in a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes and styles. This means that you can choose tiles which suit any existing interior design style, from Scandinavian to coastal. Tiles are also a more cost-effective way to achieve a particular style or sense of luxury, such as wooden floorboards or a marble floor. At My Tile Market, we stock a variety of quality tiles, including natural stone, patterned, ceramic, porcelain and mosaic tiles. Our team can help you decide what tiles will suit your home and personal style, and supply you with high quality tiles at the lowest prices.

bathroom tiles
5 Reasons to Install Tile Floors in Your Home 3

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Tiles are versatile

Tiles are also a very versatile flooring choice. Depending on how they are cut and set, tiles can imbue rooms in your home with a particular atmosphere. For example, large, light-coloured tiles can make a room appear larger, while darker, patterned tiles can make a room seem cozier and warmer. Tiles set diagonally can make narrow rooms seem wider, while keeping the same size and shape of tile between rooms can create a flowing, open-plan feel to a residence. Not only can tiles be used as flooring, but also on walls, ceilings, splashbacks and other design features. This versatility can really help make your home unique and personalised to you and your family.

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Tiles are easy to maintain

Unlike some other types of flooring, tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Interior floor tiles can be maintained with regular vacuuming and mopping with suitable cleaning products, while outdoor floor tiles should be swept free of debris every week and lightly hosed once every two weeks. This will remove any dirt or stains which may have accumulated, and prevent any wear or damage. Most interior tiles can also be cleaned with a steam mop, as long as care is taken not to use overly acidic cleaning products which can eat into the tile surface.

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Tiles can be an innovative design feature

Our final reason why you should consider using tiles as flooring in your home is that tiles can be an innovative design feature. Brightly patterned tiles, or tiles laid in an unusual way, can lend your home a playful, whimsical or bold style that sets it apart. Using natural stone tiles such as marble will instantly give your home a luxurious feel, while creating feature walls of tiles will make your home more modern and innovative. Adding tiles to your home can also increase its value, with more buyers looking for low-maintenance, durable and stylish flooring choices in homes.

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