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  • Travertine

    To add rich tones to your interiors and exteriors, you can install Travertine floor tiles. As these tiles are versatile and used for a variety of purposes, this makes the Travertine tiles popular in Sydney and other parts of the world. You can install quality tiles to create perfect flooring for your bathroom and living room. The travertine stone tiles are durable and this is the reason that homeowners prefer to use Travertine tiles floors in Sydney. These stone tiles come in various natural colors, which depend upon the excavation site. The travertine tiles Sydney are available in a number of colors ranging from white to tan. You can easily add a unique touch to your floor and walls by installing Travertine tiles.


    By installing Travertine floor tiles, you can give your floor a shiny marble appearance without spending too much. The tiles totally transform the appearance of a home or a garden and make it impressive. Travertine tiles ideally suit bathroom because of being resistant to water, stains, and moisture. Travertine is a natural sedimentary stone, which is quite similar to limestone. It is made of calcite and found deep inside hot springs. The holes on the surface of the stone are due to air and water that evaporates from the surface. These holes are visible even when the travertine is quarried and cut into slabs and tiles of different sizes. This gives the stone its trademark rustic look.


    At TileMarket, we offer a huge variety of different finishes in the stone at our Travertine tiles warehouse. We stock a multitude of honed, filled, tumbled, polished, and crosscut travertine tiles flooring at our Travertine tiles shop. These honed tiles have smooth, flat surface, and square edges. You can purchase Travertine honed with its holes unfilled and intact. For making filled tiles, we fill the tiles with an epoxy resin spread into the surface holes of Travertine at our tiles factory. We make effort to match the color of filling with the tiles and create tiles with light or dark epoxy that stands out. You cannot afford to miss our tumbled Travertine tiles for floors. The staff at our Travertine tiles shop is knowledgeable and experienced. They can guide you about all types of Travertine tiles that you can install in your bathroom, floors, and outdoors. They help you take the right decision and invest in durable and stylish tiles. For buying travertine tiles online, you must access your needs first. Consider the size and the decor of the room where you want to install the Travertine tiles Sydney. Depending upon your home style and personal preferences, you can choose tiles with different finishes. They can make any place look dramatic and stylish. We offer samples to check how your tiles will look.


    We import our supplies from some of the best quarries in Italy, Spain, Portuguese, China, etc., and then, the stones are cut into tiles and slabs of variety of sizes in our travertine tiles factory. We make sure that you get the supreme quality tiles at the most competitive prices. You can easily buy the tiles that you want while staying in your budget. Go through our catalogs to see what is available with us. We maintain a huge inventory and ensure quick delivery in Sydney Metropolitan area. To check out the quality, request samples today.

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